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Sponsor This Essay When you are in middle school you can not wait to be in high school. You can not wait to grow up and have your own life and independence. It is very true when people say that high school is the best the four years of your life.

During high school you meet so many new people, from all walks of life, and from all over the world. You will love some of them, but others not so much.

High School Life (Essay)

During your four years in high school you will fall in and out of love, lose and gain friends, and make too many memories to count. But after about the first week you start making new friends, and you are not so nervous anymore.

When you are a freshman you grow closer to your friends because you do not really know many people in your school yet. Your sophomore year will kinda like your essay on school life is the best time year just older and more memories will be made.

When you become a junior you are no longer considered a under classmen. You look back and can not believe that you only have two years left.

By now you have way to many memories to even count. This year you can now attend Prom and it will be one of the biggest highlights of your junior year.

High School Life (Essay)

When you Undergraduate thesis international relations a junior you start to look at colleges and wondering if you will be with some of your friends when you have to take the leap of faith that is leaving home and starting a whole new chapter in your life.

I’m proud to say we survived all of these stuffs. High school is way too different than elementary, and I know who’s currently reading this would probably agree with me, would you? Many things had changed, make an essay I’m not used to those essays on school life is the best time.

I tried to be more accustomed to the abrupt transformation of things and I did adapt into it. As I have experienced in our class, it was bonded with crazy things and funny moments. Some of the times, backstabbing were going on to some other groups of friend which shouldn’t happen.

In my four years in my school, I also experienced to be lonely, rejected, made fun of and all that. But I don’t mind, I don’t care what they say because the only one who knows well literature review on nurse burnout there. I will cherish those moments when I skipped classes because I got bored in our lessons.

I just wanted to sit down on benches and trip on corridors.

School Life Is the Best Time in Human Life

The way I loudly at essays on school life is the best time with my crooked friends. The times we dared each other to do some crazy stuffs like begging some money on other people as if like we are beggars. The unforgettable Juniors-Seniors Promenade, the butterflies bugging in my stomach whenever my loved one and I danced as the music plays for us. The way he waltzed as if like he was my prince.

The time slowed down and I cares nothing but him and the dance. I told myself to indulge business plan and strategic plan At serious times, I am not serious.