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Anu Kapoor and Mr. Zaheer were also active-constructive by nature as they brought many strong points during the discussion. Active-destructive are those people who have their original active ideas but supported by destructive behavior. These personalities are bias by nature and at times the personalized approach leads to destructive behavior. In the movie we see Mr. Pankaj Kapoor as an active-destructive personality.

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla Essay

He was over emotional and he took the case very personally. He was very active in the decision making process but in a destructive way. Looking to some other Active-Destructive personality Mr. Subiraj was also a perfect example. He was ek ruka hua faisla case study but he had community bias.

Due to this bias behavior verbal conflicts arise amongst committee members and that situation leads the process to aggressive ek ruka hua faisla case study. Individuals with passive personalities are those who never take initiatives and are least bothered about the situation around them. Individuals who are passive-constructive by Identity and belonging expository essay growing up asian in australia do not take any initiative but when a suggestion is asked they have wide and constructive ideas to share.

In the movie we find Mr.

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla

ainyus.000webhostapp.com Shrivastav and Mr. Hemant Mishra ek ruka hua faisla case study this ek ruka hua faisla case study of personality. This individuals were not initiative takers but when they were asked to support the case, they had very unique ideas and with that they supported the decision making process in constructive way.

Individuals with this personality never take any initiative and even when asked for the suggestions they always have the destructive ideas.

Never supportive in any situation. Raina is the best suited example for this personality.

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His personal affairs were more important to him than the life of that boy. He was highly do your homework gif by majority. Azeez Kureshi is also had this kind of personality.

Least concerned of the situation and enjoying personal leisure.

Jurors have to make One Decision either murder or not-murderer. Any perceptual event has three components viz. Attributes of the person perceived 2. Attributes of the perceiver and 3. Attributes of the situation.

In particular, the ek ruka hua faisla case study attributes of target can be identified: These include the following: Some of these are as follows: A person active by nature always have the quality of initiating. Other active members supported the initiative taken by that individual. Active-Constructive people are those who are active in a constructive way. They are initiatives and ideas have a constructive thought in their mind.

K Raina is the best example of active-constructive personality. He initiated the discussion and he had supportive ideas. His arguments were more logical, practical and more based on reasoning. In the entire decision making process he was very patient and calm. In the end he convinced all his committee members who were against, with his practical approach.

Anu Kapoor and Mr.